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South Carolina-Based Sports Marketing Agency Bold South Sports Announces Historic Signing of Vanita Krouch, Quarterback of the U.S. Women’s Flag Football National Team

Considered the greatest female flag football player of all time, Vanita Krouch looks ahead to 2028 Olympics

Charleston, South Carolina – Bold South Sports, a sports marketing agency based in Charleston, South Carolina, proudly announces the historic signing of Hall of Famer Vanita Krouch, captain and quarterback of the U.S. Women’s Flag Football National Team.

Nicknamed “the Tom Brady of Flag Football,” Vanita is widely considered the greatest female flag football player of all time. She has won three gold medals (2018, 2021, 2023) at the IFAF Flag Football World Championships and has a combined record of 25-1 since becoming quarterback of the U.S. Women’s team. The signing of Vanita Krouch marks a significant expansion for Bold South Sports, as it ventures into professional sports representation while maintaining its commitment to diversity and women’s sports.

Vanita Krouch's ascent to the pinnacle of women's flag football is a tale of grit and triumph. When Vanita was born, her family was on the run, fleeing a genocide in Cambodia by the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. Krouch's family eventually found refuge in America, where her Mom raised Vanita and her three older brothers. From navigating the challenges of being a new immigrant to securing a full basketball scholarship at Southern Methodist University, Vanita’s journey is one of courage and perseverance. 

After graduating from SMU and playing basketball overseas, Vanita and a teammate eventually discovered flag football and never looked back. She has since dominated the game of flag football and was inducted into the Flag Football Hall of Fame in 2016. In 2023, she was chosen by the NFL as the Offensive Coordinator for the NFC in the 2023 Pro Bowl under Head Coach Eli Manning and was featured in a Super Bowl commercial. She plans to continue playing football for many years to come and is currently training for the 2024 Flag Football World Championships in Finland and the 2028 Olympics, where flag football makes its debut.

Vanita has also been a PE teacher for twenty years and currently teaches at La Villita Elementary in Irving, Texas. 

“Vanita is a living legend,” said Bold South Sports CEO Tyler Jones. “Not only is Vanita a trailblazer and the greatest to ever play in her sport, her story exemplifies the American dream. We look forward to helping Vanita share that story and her incredible football journey with the world as she prepares for the 2028 Olympics.”

Bold South Sports, which opened its doors in August of 2023, has signed a wide array of athletes including: Tyler Huff, the quarterback from Furman University and 2023 Southern Conference’s Offensive Player of the Year; Meredith McFadden, the first and only female bullpen catcher in the country for the University of South Carolina baseball team; Hunter Rogers, the First-Team All-SEC long snapper for the University of South Carolina football team; Adrian Anderson, the sophomore golfer for the College of Charleston, who recently competed in the US Women’s Amateur Tournament; Titus Sandy Jr., the two-time national champion and senior defender for the Clemson University soccer team. Full client roster here. 

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About Bold South Sports

Bold South Sports is a sports marketing agency based in Charleston, South Carolina. With over 15 years of public relations and marketing experience, Bold South Sports brings expertise, knowledge, and passion to elevate the journeys of athletes across the country. Bold South Sports champions underdogs and believes that everyone has valuable opportunities waiting to be discovered.


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