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At Bold South Sports, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically to help student-athletes navigate and capitalize on the opportunities presented by Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). Our dedicated team of experts is committed to empowering athletes to maximize their potential, build their personal brands, and secure valuable partnerships in the ever-evolving landscape of college athletics.


Brand Management

- Crafting a compelling personal brand identity for athletes.

- Developing a brand strategy that aligns with the athlete's values and goals.

- Creating and maintaining a strong online presence through social media management and content  curation.


Education and Compliance

- Keeping athletes informed and educated about the ever-changing rules and regulations surrounding NIL.

- Providing guidance on compliance with NCAA and state-specific guidelines to protect athletes' eligibility and reputation.


Contract Negotiation

- Providing expert guidance and negotiation support for endorsement contracts, appearance agreements, and other NIL-related agreements.

- Ensuring that athletes receive fair compensation and favorable terms in their contractual engagements.


Marketing and Endorsements

- Identifying and securing endorsement opportunities that align with the athlete's brand and values.

- Negotiating favorable terms and contracts for endorsement deals.

- Facilitating partnerships with local businesses and national brands to amplify the athlete's reach and impact.


Social media strategy

- Developing a tailored social media strategy to enhance the athlete's personal brand and engagement with fans and followers.

- Providing guidance on content creation, platform selection, and best practices for effective social media management.

- Leveraging social media platforms as a means to grow the athlete's audience and attract sponsorship opportunities.


financial planning and advisory

- Offering personalized financial consultations to help athletes understand and manage their newfound income from NIL opportunities.

- Collaborating with financial advisors to develop customized financial plans that align with long-term goals and ensure financial security.

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